Best Practices :

Students-Learning-Assessment through Rubric Tools/Method.

we have done students learning assessment in 120 Schools of our project operational areas. A total 12197 students are included in the Comprehensive-Continuous-Evaluation (CCE) assessment based on rubric tools developed by BVA.


Teachers are now making lesson plan in need base to ensure quality teaching to the students. Students are become aware and showing their interest to learn as they are now able to know their standard. Coordination among teacher and student has increased. Students-teacher relation is quite open and teacher is more concerns about child’s need and accordingly he/she approaches to a student.

Students’ assessment record is kept by project team to let them know about their progress by doing learning assessment through rubric method; the tool is developed by BVA. It shows a clear picture on student’s performance and accordingly lesson plan is made to provide contextual teaching to ensure quality teaching in the class-room.

Cluster- Based- Remedial Coaching Center.

A total of 97 centres have been opened in 12 clusters of our project operational areas.  Total 3130 students have been covered under this program. 97 local volunteers have involved and they are taking remedial class regularly in their respective villages.  Over the last 5 years a total 160 remedial centres were opened by project initiative.

Remedial coaching is quite benefit for the students those are under competent to the classes they belong. Since the year of 2009, Remedial coaching facilities is provided in the villages of our project operational areas. Parents are appreciating for such kind of initiative is taken up by the project. Village youths are involving themselves to take up such remedial classes. Sometimes, mothers are also visiting the RCC and try to knowing their children progress.

Mostly this program is run among the backward communities. A total 120 local youth volunteers have been capacitated on the skills of remedial coaching earlier through the project. During this reporting period, we have set up around 97 RCC canter in our project operational area. By this program we

Community Based Kishori Library ( for Adolescent Girls)

Total 65 Adolescents girls group (Kishori-Group) has been formed in the different villages of our project operational areas.
Parents are appreciating for the work done by our project. Girls are showing their enthusiasm to take benefit from the library that they got. Local leaders are also happy and appreciating to this initiative that is undertaken by our project. Parents are taking main role as they are keeping direct observation to ensure proper transaction of the books among the girls by themselves.They have been oriented about the community library.  That is being set up in those villages where no library facilities are available. The members in a group are minimum 10 to maximum 50 members of adolescents girls (“Kishori-girls”) are taken in a group in each village.

Adolescent girls are motivated and united to manage the Community library in their respective communities. Project is predicting to build a healthy environment through the association of adolescent girls in the village level. These associations would be extended onto cluster level to set up a platform and broad recognition among adolescent girls in the project operational areas.

Village adolescents’ girls are very much happy and interested to get these books. As they are excited for the opportunity and responsibility that would help in their knowledge development. Parents are appreciating for such initiative and they are promising to keep their supervision on its proper management and utilization among the girls. A special recognition is brought among adolescents girls in the village level by associating them in a group with certain purpose.

Library Transaction in Govt. schools :

A total 102 library transactions is done in 61 schools of our project operational areas.

After school-hour students are spending time on study at their home. Now they are showing their interest in reading other moral books also. Bal-Sansad is playing key role in library transaction in the schools as the members have taken initiative to ensure proper transaction of books to all students.

Over the last 5 years, project is able to ensure proper books are available in the schools. There is quite satisfactory in safe management of library by teachers. Project has contributed the library facilities to the schools along with SSA initiative.